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Balloons, Booth Traffic Building , Marketing, Lead Management and Automatic Follow-up.

On the surface it would seem that these are very different things that would require multiple businesses and systems to connect these things, but at Balloon Utopia / Market With Balloons we can do all that.

Every booth needs a way to stand out from the crowd.  That’s exactly what we offer.  Large colorful balloon columns attract attention from afar and bring visitors into your booth.  We can customize the colors and the design to match with your brand.

Once they get to your booth, large signs direct attendees to pull out their cell phone and opt themselves into your funnel.  Instead of you having to scan their badge or get them to sign something, they can do it themselves.

And here’s where the magic happens: once they text in their name and email, they INSTANTLY receive a text message back asking them a qualifying question.  After they answer that, a second question can be sent out.  Now, your sales people know exactly who to follow up with.

But wait, there’s more! An email is also automatically sent out so that you have followed up with them BEFORE they even leave the show floor.

Studies show that the longer it takes to follow up, the colder the lead gets, so having a system that follows up INSTANTLY means that you make more sales.