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Banquets and Event Decorations

We know that there are many different reasons that companies host banquets.  It could be a sales rally, a hosted event at a conference, a gala, a fund-raiser, a customer appreciation event or other type of special event.  If you’re hosting this event in San Diego, Balloon Utopia® can help you create the perfect ambiance.

Some of the types of decor used for corporate banquets include:


Room Decor

Focal Point Decorations

Navigational Decor

Photo Backdrops

Grand Entrances



Some things that you may want to think about are: Is it sit down or buffet?  Will there be a speaker or a multi-media presentation? Will there be dancing?  How high/ low are the ceilings?  What are the focal points? How do you want the room to flow?

We can help you with all these things.  Decorating the dining area can change the ambiance, carry a message, and/ or promote your brand.



A. Gala

20 centerpieces, Entrance Decor, Dance Floor Decor and 6 Columns for Around the Room



B. Mid- Size Event

15 Centerpieces, Entrance Decor, and 4 Columns Around the Room  …..



C. Room Decor

This package comes with 5 cloud 9 columns, 5 6-balloon stagger bouquets, and 5 13-balloon floor bouquets.  These pieces can be spread around the room as needed to create a nice ambiance and energy.



None of these what you need?  No problem, give us a call at 619 339 8024 and one of our designers will help you put together the perfect decor for your event!

*Please note that these prices do not include sales tax, set-up/ strike fee or imprinting costs.


Want to see more photos of our work?

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