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Enjoy checking out some of our favorite jobs!

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  • Branded Stage Wall Backdrop
    No one questioned whose event this was! We can recreate any logo into a captivating 3-d stage display. Worried about colors, or movement? You don't need to... We think about all those little details so you don't have to.
  • Balloon Column Stage Backdrop
  • Branded Linear Columns
  • Balloons Make People Happy Wherever They Are!
  • Full Stage Balloon Backdrop
  • Customized and Themed Balloon Bead Arch
  • Walk Through Football Entrance Tunnel and Photo Op
  • Elegant Entry Way
    Lights and balloons together never fail to make a beautiful impression!
  • Elegant Lights and Balloons!
  • Character or Mascot Custom 3-d Sculptures
    Give jus any image and we can make it larger than life from balloons!
  • Corporate Mascot 3-d Sculptures
    Giant 3-d balloon sculptures tend to make everyone want to pose with them for pictures. Get your logo, mascot or brand out there beyond the event by setting up a photo station, and uploading the pictures to Facebook behind a like gate.
  • Balloons Are Fun For Any Age
  • Expo Main Street Area
  • MIni Stage Wall
  • Elegant Balloon Lamp
  • Asian Theme Banquet Decor
  • Need a unique branded giveaway?
    These whimsical turkeys carried the booth's logo and drew everyone over to see where they were coming from. Balloon Utopia has a whole line of balloon sculpture give-aways that are designed around an 11" balloon imprinted with your logo, getting your brand out all over the crowd.
  • Balloon Martini Sculpture With Rockwall Columns
    This 6' Balloon Martini glass helped set the theme of this nightclub event. Custom 3-d sculptures can make your event shine!
  • Branded Logo Balloon Columns
    These linear columns showed off the logo of the event sponsor, while giving the stage a little more depth and visual interest.
  • Branded Stage Wall with Custom Logo Artwork
    A branded background is especially important if you are going to be videoing your event and putting it out live for your virtual audience.
  • Balloon Entertainer
    A trained balloon artist can make all the difference in really getting your message out among the crowds.
  • Branded Stage Wall with Custom Logo Artwork
    Make sure that your brand gets in every photo and memory! Stage walls with custom artwork are a great way to make that happen.
  • Branded Stage Wall With Custom Logo Artwork
    Stages are a great place to capture peoples focus and remind them of your brand!
  • Make Everyone a Star
    These elegant mylar star balloons created a false ceiling and made this fundraising event more intimate.
  • Friendly Trade Show Greeter
    This oversized booth greeter stopped traffic and drew crowds from all over the show!
  • Balloons + Digital Opt In Systems = Huge ROI !!
    Using balloons and digital opt in systems together will help you get noticed and get the lead. Automatic follow up takes the hassle out of collecting leads. You can follow up with them before they even leave the tradeshow floor. Plus you can use the AFS system to qualify those leads, so you only spend your time calling the most likely to convert!
  • Wright Bros Flyer
    The airport commissioned this 1/2 size replica of the Wright Brother's Flyer to commemorate the centennial celebration of flight
  • 1960's Theme Balloon Wall
    This whimsicle balloon wall set the stage for this 60s themed event.